T25 Focus Review

As mentioned in my previous post that I was expecting to receive my T25 Focus DVDs at the beginning of this week. The DVDs arrived on Monday and I decided to try them out the very same day. The package that I ordered consists of three programs namely ALPHA, BETA, and GAMMA. The focus of ALPHA routine or cycle is […]

Starting my fitness journey

Over the last month, I have done extensive research on ways to reduce weight. With the hindsight of having failed several times with just diet control, I have decided to try a different approach this time. I will test my approach over the next 30 days to determine how successful it is. The approach is to keep it as simple […]

Excessive weight gain

I have always tried to maintain a healthy weight all throughout my life through diet control. Therefore, last month (December-2017) when I went for my yearly checkup and saw that my weight had crept up to 240 lbs I could not believe my eyes. Fair enough that my wife got pregnant in 2017 and was put on a complete bed […]

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