Excessive weight gain

I have always tried to maintain a healthy weight all throughout my life through diet control. Therefore, last month (December-2017) when I went for my yearly checkup and saw that my weight had crept up to 240 lbs I could not believe my eyes. Fair enough that my wife got pregnant in 2017 and was put on a complete bed rest from the beginning of her pregnancy and thus I had to take care of the household while trying to settle into my new job, but gaining almost 40 lbs in 7 months is inexcusable. With my 5’10” height a weight of 240 lbs puts me in the obese category with a BMI of 34.4.

Besides the weight gain, the blood tests also came back with bad news. I was diagnosed as having borderline diabetes and very high cholesterol. It is time to make a decision. Do I want to live a healthy and active life and be there for my kids when they grow up or do I want to become a couch potato who is counting down his days in this world?

With my height, I should be at 154 lbs. This means that I am overweight by 86 lbs. I have to do something about it and I have to do it quickly. As I mentioned earlier that I have always tried to maintain a healthy weight, but it was always through diet. The moment I went to eating regularly (2400 calories/day) my weight would start creeping back up. Therefore I have decided to embark on a fitness journey with a structured and regimented program.

Thoughts anyone? I will do some resarch on this and update everyone before the end of the week.

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